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In office since 2013, Premier Kathleen Wynne has an approval rating of 21 percent. How does one explain such remarkable unpopularity?

An economic powerhouse since its birth, the province of Ontario is now in a mess. Many critics point to the economic mismanagement of the governing Liberal Party. The past nine budgets have run a deficit and the province is carrying a $300,000,000,000 debt. Although few Ontario taxpayers are happy about paying $11.4 billion in interest on the debt this year, there is another issue that concerns a growing number of people. Wynne’s sex-education curriculum has stunned the moral sensibilities of many.

Wynne’s government spent millions of dollars to promote its new sex-ed curriculum introduced to Ontario’s publicly funded schools in September 2015. The openly gay Wynne made considerable effort to satisfy the tastes of the LGBTQ community.

Many parents are less than enthusiastic with a curriculum introducing homosexuality to grade three students and anal sex to grade six students. There has been a rise of reports of children exposed to pornography, including grade one students watching porn on school-issued tablets.

Parents have responded in a number of ways: letter writing, signing petitions, demonstrations, and pulling their children out of public schools – a significant number of students have left the school system. For example, the Toronto District School Board announced a decrease in enrollment of 2,600 students. At one Toronto public school, 100 students are still absent. There has been a rise in homeschooling and placing students in private Christian schools.

Recently, the grassroots organization Parents As First Educators wrote: “We have seen parents rally across the province, demanding that their voices be heard. These are our children, our responsibilities – not the government’s. After that sham of a consultation process, the Liberal government needs to scrap the sex-ed curriculum, and start respecting parents as the first educators.” I applaud the activism of this group, but a major obstacle is that the secular media and education elites see no problem with progressive sex education.

Wynne has caused much economic pain, but she is also causing a lot of pain with her agenda of social engineering. I expect that Wynne will continue to be an unpopular ideologue until her departure, hopefully in the next election.

This article was originally posted at The Conservative Prof. https://theconservativeprof.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/the-unpopular-ontario-leader/


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Karl Marx and Frederick Engels had harsh words for business leaders. TheCommunist Manifesto (1848) was a call for all workingmen to unite against those who practiced “naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.” It was time to act: “Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.” (more…)

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The Canadian government is now Liberal. It is an exciting time for much of the media, union leaders, climate radicals, weed enthusiasts, pacifist activists, liberal Christians, anti-car planners, abortion advocates, and all economic illiterates who welcome bigger government. And the federal government promises much love including better access to abortion, more deficit spending, and the legalization of marijuana, to name only three.


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Incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will soon take the reins of power in Canada. Meanwhile, politicians at the federal, provincial, and local level have already begun planning their tactics to get more federal money. With the Keynesian Trudeau at the helm, there will be less focus on individual responsibility and the free market and more attention on how government is the solution to revitalizing the economy. Keynesians are expert at raising expectations and many and varied groups will come knocking at Trudeau’s door. (more…)

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For fair-minded people who want to examine the data, there are important studies on the liberal policies that cause higher unemployment and greater incidents of family breakdown. Since Charles Murray’s ground-breaking study Losing Ground (1984), numerous scholars have revealed the failure of liberal social policies. Sadly, many of today’s environmentalist activists are equally, or even more, destructive. There are too many environmental activists promoting policies that hurt people. (more…)

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There are some individuals destined to take on giants. Born in 1925, conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. became one of the most impressive American public intellectuals of the twentieth century. Founder of the conservative magazine the National Review, a prolific author of numerous books and articles, and the creator and host of the debate-style television show Firing Line, Buckley certainly left his mark. And he started young. At age 25, he tweaked the nose of the Yale University establishment. (more…)

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is experiencing some economic, legal, and religious difficulties.

The province of Ontario was once the economic powerhouse of Canada. It has declined to have-not status due mostly to the misguided economic policies and excessive spending of the present and previous Liberal government.

How bad is the situation in Ontario? (more…)

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