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The statement of Barack Obama on the sadistic beheading of James Foley contains a worldview and it is this worldview, which is currently dominant in Europe and not quite yet dominant in America, which is the reason we will lose the war against barbarism. The worldview is called “Progressivism.” (more…)

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There Are Limits To What We Can Fix

Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same things, that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery (Letter to the Hebrews  2:14-15.)

 Recent Bulletins Regarding Impending Catastrophes. (more…)

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Faculty Roundtable on Marriage

Evangelicals and Catholics Speak on Marriage:
Join us on Mon. Feb. 24 at 4 pm in Room 1008 for a special speaker and panel discussion on marriage.  Our guest is Dr. Eduardo Echeverria of the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, the author of “In the Beginning . . . “ A Theology of the Body.  He will be summarizing his paper, “The Essential Truth about Marriage and the Fulness of the Gospel in Christ and the Church”.  This paper was written for the Evangelicals and Catholics Together group as they prepare a major statement on marriage for publication in the near future.  Three Tyndale faculty, Dr. Craig Carter, Dr. Scott Masson and Dr. Ian Gentles, will give brief responses to his paper and this will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Dr. Paul Franks.  There will also be a Q & A time and light refreshments will be provided.   This event is co-sponsored by the Biblical and Theological Studies Department and the Philosophy Department of the University College.  All are welcome to attend.

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I would like to draw your attention to this excellent article by Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, a Catholic priest in Virginia.  It was published on the Hot Air website earlier this week.  Fr. Guarnizo presents the case against socialism and communism concisely and clearly:

There has been much discussion in recent weeks over the debt of Christianity to—and its compatibility with —the ideas and praxis of the socialist revolution, and even of communism. Many, even in the Catholic Church, believe that we share some of the ideals of the socialist revolution because it seems to them that communism, socialism and Christianity are for the poor. In addition to this most unfortunate error, the opposite fallacy has also been made popular in the minds of many, namely that capitalists and advocates of a free market economy, hate the poor.

The truth is that free markets have lifted billions out of poverty but socialist policies keep the poor down and prevent people from getting ahead.  Christians who support socialism or think that socialist ideas are compatible with Christianity are either willfully blind or insincere.   (more…)

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I have been reading David Bentley Hart’s new book, God: Being, Consciousness and Bliss  (Yale University Press, 2013).  I read everything by Hart that comes my way for the same reason I listen to oratorios by Handel – it is a pleasure to observe a master working at his craft.  Hart is a great writer regardless of whether you agree with everything he writes or not.

God: Being, Consciousness and Bliss is a fascinating book written by a man who exudes confidence in the Christian Gospel and therefore can do apologetics without sound apologetic, if you know what I mean.  The book commends an ecumenical theism that Hart regards as a common legacy of both East and West, a very similar idea as the idea of a natural law common to both East and West expressed by C. S. Lewis in his The Abolition of Man with the phrase: The Tao.  Hart is simultaneously respectful of empirical science and contemptuous of that leech on the body of modern science known as “scientism.”  You can ruin almost anything by making it into an “ism” and when the modern approach to the natural world, which is quite effective is answering the question “How does it work?” is turned into a complete metaphysics, science is ruined and demeaned.

Hart criticizes materialism from many angles in this book and I just want to comment briefly on one of his points.  (more…)

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Essay Five of Zero-sum Historiography: The Palestinian Assault upon History.

Barack Hussein Obama’s relation to Islam

This is (at least for the time being) the last of a series of essays on the topic of Muhammad’s teaching about History. This essay is intended to take us to where the rubber hits the road – that is, to where we can surely see the effect in current world politics of this uniquely mischievous and devious historiography.

I begin with a word of caution to anyone intending to research and/or hoping to publish anything about Barack Hussein Obama’s relationship to Islam. The presumption in leading opinion circles is that merely raising such a question – Is Barack Hussein Obama really a Muslim? Is he truly a Christian? — exposes a spirit of bigotry. (more…)

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The tragic attack on innocent school children in Newton, CT was a horrifying reminder that Rousseau was wrong, Augustine was right, and this is indeed a fallen world.  No words can adequately express how cowardly and evil that man was who stalked the halls of an elementary school with a rifle and killed little children in cold blood.  Here we see the Spirit of the Age embodied.  We live in the culture of death in late Modernity and our’s is an age that believes that death is a solution to many social problems.  But when death comes out in the daylight and strikes down children we still recoil in horror.

The reaction over the past week or so has been horrifying as well.  Late Modernity is an age in which we value security and the satisfaction of our material needs as a society more highly than we value morality itself.  We gladly trade away our freedom as self-governing, free moral agents in exchange for promises of protection from the fears and threats of life. (more…)

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