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I am completely dismayed by the Western media coverage of the Gaza war, (in general, with a few honourable exceptions), because the vast majority of the Western media is allowing itself to be manipulated by a gang of genocidal maniacs who hate Jews every bit as much as the Nazis did. We should expect more of those entrusted with the sacred duty to inform the public of the truth.

Hamas knows that many in the West are anti-Semites who hate the Jews but are afraid to say so out loud. So it has come up with a strategy to cover up the anti-Semitism: it deliberately draws Israeli fire to civilians hoping that its own civilians will be killed accidently by Israeli bombs. Then it tells the reporters that Israel is committing “genocide” and so ought to be condemned by all right-thinking and moral people. It accuses Israel falsely of “war crimes” despite the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that Israel has ever deliberately targeted civilians (which is what a war crime would be in this context). They call the Israeli response “disproportionate,” which is ridiculous. Targeting the missiles being fired into Israel is hardly disproportionate. This anti-Israel rhetoric gives the anti-Semites a cover to denounce Israel and support Hamas. Hamas writes the script; the media never deviate from it.

The media thus functions as the enablers of the genocidal maniacs in Hamas and are giving cover to vicious anti-Semites on the streets of European cities.  The publicity created by the media’s one-sided coverage of the war translates into credibility and money for Hamas and makes it seem less disrespectable to be anti-Jewish. At this points, the morality and reputation of the Western media (with a few honourable exceptions) is in tatters. (more…)

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