How many Germans had this question asked to them by their grandchildren after World War II?  How many dreaded having to face such a question?  How many were able to say they did all they could to stop it? 

I have four grandchildren and I would like them to live in a liberal democracy in Christendom with the Christian, Anglo-Saxon heritage of freedom of religion, free speech, freedom of association, free markets, democracy, the rule of law, limited government, respect for human rights, equality of women and a culture that respects natural law, natural theology and natural science.  But the West, especially Europe and especially the governing elites, has turned its back on God and the evidence for this fact is the rise of anti-Jewish prejudice and hatred once again.  

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Has Israel Gained on the Public Relations Front?

Most commentators seem to accept that, for all the suffering that Israel has had to endure on the surreal battlefield that is Gaza; for all the massive demonstrations against her around the world; for all the pain that she has had to endure on hearing echoes of the kristallnacht of over seventy years ago coming from parts of Europe regarded until recently as safe again for Jews – nevertheless, Israel has probably come out of the bloody Gaza adventure with more friends, high and low, and fewer dedicated enemies than she had before the war began a month ago. Continue Reading »

We are re-living the Weimer Republic and 1933 is looming on the horizon.  Europe’s vacation from history is over and the besetting sin of Europe, Jew hatred, is raising its ugly head once again.  Last time was nearly fatal; is Europe really going to go through this all over again?

Consider the headlines from this past month: 

“European countries condemn anti-Semitic attacks amid Gaza conflict, German mosque investigated for ‘murder’ sermon” (AP, cited from the National Post, July 22, 2014)

This article informs us that the foreign ministers of Italy, France and Germany “condemned the rise in anti-Semitic protests and violence over the conflict in Gaza, saying they will do everything possible to combat it in their countries.” Everything?  Really?  It would help if they did something for once. How about starting by closing down mosques that feature sermons exhorting people to kill Jews?  One suspects that their determination to do “everything possible” is somewhat, ahem, overstated.

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The statement of Barack Obama on the sadistic beheading of James Foley contains a worldview and it is this worldview, which is currently dominant in Europe and not quite yet dominant in America, which is the reason we will lose the war against barbarism. The worldview is called “Progressivism.” Continue Reading »


In Mosul …. Iraq’s oldest and second-largest city, Christians fled their homes after the IS [Islamic State] gave them three days to leave the caliphate’s territory. According to the IS, it issued this order after the heads of the Christian community in the city refused a summons to discuss their status and respond to the organization’s demand that they either convert to Islam, pay the jizya (poll tax), or “face the sword.” The Christians’ exodus from the city, which has 13 churches and monasteries, is said to be the first case in Iraq’s history where an entire Christian community has fled en masse. Reports also claim that the IS has burned down an ancient church in Mosul, and that its men have seized Christians’ property, sometimes with the cooperation of their Muslim neighbors. Other sources report that churches in the city have been converted to mosques. (“The Islamic State’s Treatment of Christians,”“ MEMRI (membri@memri.or, August 15, 2014.

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Part Three: “Who Speaks for Civilization?

In a previous essay, “Genesis and Ideology of the Cold War,” www.thebayviewreview.com, July 22, 2014) I spoke of the theological (or perhaps quasi-theological) aspect of the West’s anti-Communist rhetoric during the years of the early Cold War. Somewhere along the line, as our culture became anti-Christian and as our elected officials became embarrassed by religious expression, this theme went out of official rhetoric. Assisting this process, no doubt, was the fact that it became harder, during the Vietnam years, to sustain the thesis of an absolute moral difference between the causes of the Free World and those of the Communist World.

Running parallel to this history of retreat by politicians from the cause of “Christian” or “Judeo-Christian civilization is the story of abandonment by the once-established historic churches of their once-proud custody of Christian values. Continue Reading »

I am completely dismayed by the Western media coverage of the Gaza war, (in general, with a few honourable exceptions), because the vast majority of the Western media is allowing itself to be manipulated by a gang of genocidal maniacs who hate Jews every bit as much as the Nazis did. We should expect more of those entrusted with the sacred duty to inform the public of the truth.

Hamas knows that many in the West are anti-Semites who hate the Jews but are afraid to say so out loud. So it has come up with a strategy to cover up the anti-Semitism: it deliberately draws Israeli fire to civilians hoping that its own civilians will be killed accidently by Israeli bombs. Then it tells the reporters that Israel is committing “genocide” and so ought to be condemned by all right-thinking and moral people. It accuses Israel falsely of “war crimes” despite the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that Israel has ever deliberately targeted civilians (which is what a war crime would be in this context). They call the Israeli response “disproportionate,” which is ridiculous. Targeting the missiles being fired into Israel is hardly disproportionate. This anti-Israel rhetoric gives the anti-Semites a cover to denounce Israel and support Hamas. Hamas writes the script; the media never deviate from it.

The media thus functions as the enablers of the genocidal maniacs in Hamas and are giving cover to vicious anti-Semites on the streets of European cities.  The publicity created by the media’s one-sided coverage of the war translates into credibility and money for Hamas and makes it seem less disrespectable to be anti-Jewish. At this points, the morality and reputation of the Western media (with a few honourable exceptions) is in tatters. Continue Reading »


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