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I enjoy Frank Capra movies. Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946) every year at Christmas is a must. Another favorite Capra film for me is Academy Award winning “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (1939), the story of young, wholesome Jefferson Smith – played by Jimmy Stewart – who goes to Washington as senator of a western state. As we see in the film, a significant component of the political culture of Washington is deception and manipulation. I could not help think of Capra’s movie as I read Sen. Ted Cruz’s recently published book A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America. Continue Reading »


By Paul Merkley.


For several decades now, the World Council of Churches has been in full revolt against the intellectual and moral legacy of the church. The WCC’s promotion of Anti-Zionism and the Palestinian Anti-History that sustains it (See my essay, “The Anti-History That Sustains Anti-Zionism,”  www.thebayviewreview, July 29.) has to be understood as a chapter within the broader and longer story of capitulation, over recent decades, by the churches and by Christian intellectuals, to dogmas  that dominate the secular world and which can be summed up with the word “deconstructionism.” Continue Reading »


By Paul Merkley.


Throughout the United States and Canada over recent weeks several of the denominations that our media generally include in the category of “mainline Protestantism” have held their national conventions.

At several of these the item of business drawing the most interest, both of  attendees and of observers,  was the passage of one or more Resolutions meant to align the denomination with the programme of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) which is meant to render Israel defenceless against her existential enemies. (See my essay, “What Has Got Into the Churches,” www.thebayviewreview, July 18, 2015.)

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By Paul Merkley.


The Current Campaign of Vilification of Israel and the Jews.

Giulio Meotti is an Italian journalist who has for several years researched meticulously attitudes of Christians towards Israel and towards the Jews. Among his books are: A New Shoah (Encounter), which details Israel’s experience with terrorism,  and  The Vatican Against Israel: J’Accuse  (Mantua Press), whose content will be evident from the title.

            Meotti is convinced that we have already passed the threshold into a period of re-invigorated anti-Semitism, reminiscent of the 1930s. The current BDS campaign is just one front of a war, conducted under the banner of “anti-Zionism,” whose purpose is demonization of the Jews. To Meotti (as to me) the most frightening aspect of this matter is that a leading role in this campaign has been taken up by prominent church denominations affiliated with the World Council of Churches as well as by the Roman Catholic Church.  And most inexplicable of all is that this is happening at the very moment when Christianity is the most persecuted of all the world’s major religions. Indeed, throughout the Middle East, Christians are now on the path to total liquidation. Continue Reading »


How the Behaviour of Vladimir Putin Complicates Life for Friends of Israel.

By Paul Merkley.


In a previous essay (“WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS: Vladimir Putin and the Jews,” thebayviewreview.com, June 17), I outlined a two-fold paradox.

Part A is that Vladimir Putin is one of the few statesmen in the world who seem capable of understanding and of endorsing out loud the moral and spiritual meaning of the story that put the State of Israel into the world and that has sustained her people in their struggle against unappeasable enemies for nearly seven decades.

Part B is that Vladimir Putin has become the focus of a campaign that seeks to ostracise him from decent company – a campaign in which are participating all of the  major statesmen in our part of the world. In short: in the eyes of our elected leaders, the principle obstacle to improving the world today is the same Vladimir Putin who belongs among the best of Israel’s friends.

As a subsidiary to this same thesis, I note that foremost among the vilifiers of Vladimir Putin is the statesman who has simultaneously the reputation of being  the most zealous defender of Israel in the world arena — Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The dilemma here for moral philosophers will be obvious.


Stephen Harper, the Steadfast Friend of Israel and Bane of Israel’s Critics and Enemies.    Continue Reading »

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS: Vladimir Putin, Israel, and the Jews.


PART ONE: Revival of Russian Jewry In Putin’s Russia.

By Paul Merkley.


Vladimir Putin: Successor to the Czars. –


Historically-knowledgeable commentators like to draw the analogy between Vladimir Putin, who apprenticed  for his present office as President of Russia under several of the worst thugs of the Soviet regime, and the last Czars of the Russian Empire. There is much to be said for this. Putin’s  atavistic-patriotic nostalgia for the Great Empire, so much of which had to be let go after the Communist revolution, surfaces in his fondness for  ceremonial occasions held in the great palaces, garnished with fanfares and splendid music of the Tchaikovsky age.

There is, however, one feature of the Romanoff legacy that clearly holds no appeal for Vladimir Putin – and that is their profound and loudly expressed contempt for the Jews. Continue Reading »

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For fair-minded people who want to examine the data, there are important studies on the liberal policies that cause higher unemployment and greater incidents of family breakdown. Since Charles Murray’s ground-breaking study Losing Ground (1984), numerous scholars have revealed the failure of liberal social policies. Sadly, many of today’s environmentalist activists are equally, or even more, destructive. There are too many environmental activists promoting policies that hurt people. Continue Reading »


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