Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s Gift to Canada.

Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain (Psalm 76:10 (KJV.)

Islam is becoming more dangerous for everybody every day. In a typical evening broadcast on any of the major global news-networks at least one in three leading items brings to our ears and eyes the horrific effects of the command of Muhammad to “slay the unbeliever.” Typically, there will be stories about this day’s work by suicide-bombers: scores of people who had been going about their daily lives, removed from the earth in the blink of an eye because of the need of dedicated individuals and groups to make theological statements. As I was writing these words the emergency services were cleaning up the human muck left by such incidents in several Arab countries from Mali to Pakistan, in Indonesia and in Muslim parts of Africa as well as in parts of Africa being newly-won for Allah from nominally Christian regimes, such as that in Nigeria. Not always at the top of the news but always going on somewhere are similar events in the Muslim parts of China, Central Asia and the South Pacific – everywhere, in short. Continue Reading »

The Meeting House is an anabaptist, postmodern church with a charismatic teaching pastor, Bruxy Cavey, who has built a large following among young adults in particular by a combination of high-tech approaches, modern “worship band” music and a personal message aimed at individuals that eschews the culture wars or any form of more general responsibility for the wider society.

Like many evangelical organizations today, The Meeting House is trying to find a viable “Third Way” between the long-standing Christian prohibition of homosexual behaviour and the understanding of same-sex attraction as a temptation and a vice to be resisted and, if possible, overcome, on the one hand, and the complete capitulation to the spirit of the age by the celebration of sodomy as a beautiful and spiritual edifying thing, which is best symbolized by the unholy spectacle of Christian clergy participating in the neo-pagan festival known as the Gay Pride Parade.

Does such a “Third Way” exist?  If so, it is an intellectually defensible position?  Or is it a temporary stop-over on the way to full capitulation that has the function of allowing one to talk about sexual perversions non-stop until the late-adopters in your organizations finally fall into line?   Continue Reading »

 Origins of the Present Campaign to Achieve Immediate Global Recognition of a “State of Palestine.”

When, back in the 1890s, the first generation of Zionists proposed the creation of a Jewish State somewhere in “Palestine,” Arabs everywhere united in a declaration of eternal opposition. Then, after the State of Israel became a fact of life in 1948, this refusal to accept Israel’s creation was immediately replaced by an undying vow to remove it from the face of the earth. Continue Reading »

As recently as last year the Guttmacher Policy Review published an article with the title ‘Abortion Does Not Increase Women’s Risk of Mental Health Problems’. Of course this assertion is hardly surprising, since the Guttmacher Institute is the research wing of Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider in the United States. But it is typical of many mainline organizations, which toe the same line. The reality is that the political and health establishments in North America have done their best to deny or suppress all information about the negative impact of abortion on women. The American Psychological Association, for example, takes the official position that terminating an unwanted pregnancy ‘does not pose a psychological hazard for most women’, and may actually be good for them. The report which arrives at this conclusion takes no notice whatever of the abundant evidence that for many women abortion is a devastating, catastrophic experience that haunts them for the rest of their lives. Continue Reading »

Pondering the Wreckage from the Latest Gaza War.

As President Obama proceeds with his courtship of “moderate Arab governments” for active roles in his anti-IS coalition, he is again ringing the changes on the long-disproved notion that a more hostile American posture towards Israel is needed in order to smooth the path towards ultimate peace in the Middle East. Continue Reading »

President Obama Rallies the Arab World Under the Banner of “Remembering Ferguson”

On September 25, President Obama delivered to the United Nations Security Council a speech designed to win united action against the several Islamic-terrorist armies that are presently tearing up the borders of Syria and Iraq and threatening to obliterate all the neighboring regimes.

The New York Times noted that, a few paragraphs into his speech,

as he has in previous speeches to this international audience, [Obama] acknowledged that the United States is wrestling with its own demons when it comes to racial and ethnic tensions. “In a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe” [Obama said], I know the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Mo., where a young man was killed, and a community was divided,” he said.

What possible connection could there be between that incident in that small American city and the cause being pursued by the Islamic State? Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/IS is only the most recent of an ever-ramifying thicket of Islamic-terrorist organizations, funded by the same rich Arabs who control the governments of the Middle East. Over recent weeks, IS has been stirring up the bloodlust inborn among Muslims everywhere with its promise to overthrow all the governments of the world for the sake of establishing the Umma, the global regime governed by the will of Allah. As for the Arab governments of the world, the crime for which IS says that they deserve to be overthrown and their heretic princes beheaded, is that they have gone soft on the duty that Muhammad bequeathed to all Muslims – to wipe the Jews, the sons of Pigs and Monkeys, as Muhammad called them, from the face of the earth. According to this “thinking”, the current obstacle to completion of this task is an anti-Islamic alliance led by the United States (an instrument of Satan) and the Jews.

Continue Reading »

President Obama continues to receive much criticism for his lack of decisive action against the evil of Islamic terrorism. Total commitment to national security appears missing. The contrast between him and one female senator from the Cold War period is striking. Continue Reading »


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