Terror and Refugees.


By Paul Merkley.


The Humanitarian Response to the Muslim Swarm.

Millions are fleeing the Middle East today because it has became, for the most part, an ugly cockpit of poverty, disease and death. These millions are fleeing into our world — which, we quickly acknowledge, also has much ugliness about it. Continue Reading »

On a balmy Friday evening in the early summer of 2015 the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto held what it called “A Thought-Provoking Conversation on the Future of Physician-Assisted Suicide”. Four experts representing different shades on the spectrum of opinion debated one another and answered questions. The audience comprised 200 or more medical professionals, medical students and members of the general public. At the beginning of the evening they were polled on the question, “Do you think Canada is ready for physician-assisted suicide?” Continue Reading »

Last week I received an email informing me of free tickets to hear American liberal Protestant Jim Wallis speak at a lecture event in downtown Toronto. That he is an intellectual and moral giant among Christian leftists, it surprised me that there were free tickets. But the lecture did conflict with the televised Democrat Debate. Maybe a number of Toronto socialists decided not to miss the Bern’s pearls of wisdom. Continue Reading »


By Paul Merkley.


After we have seen a few months of Mr. Trudeau’s foreign policy in action we will be in position to judge to what extent it really does diverge from the policy in effect over the last nine years or so – as everyone seems to assume that it will. However, no grown-up person imagines that by then our foreign policy will really have evolved into the “sunny ways” that Mr. Trudeau remembers as characterizing the policies of his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Prime Minister 1967-1979, 1980-1984.) Continue Reading »

Has Israel Really Lost Her Best Friend?

By Paul Merkley.


It would be fruitless to deny the universal editorial judgment that, with the electoral defeat of Stephen Harper and his Conservatives in Canada, Israel has “lost its best friend.” (e.g., Guardian, October 20.) Equally it is difficult, if not impossible for the time being, to see any “silver lining” for Christian friends of Israel in this new reality. Continue Reading »


By Paul Merkley.


The key to the mystery of the Muslims’ unappeasable contempt for the Jews is in Muhammad’s teaching that it was the Jews who initially were responsible for the failure of his whole neighborhood to give up everything they had previously believed and to adopt his teaching, holus bolus, then and there. Continue Reading »

Incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will soon take the reins of power in Canada. Meanwhile, politicians at the federal, provincial, and local level have already begun planning their tactics to get more federal money. With the Keynesian Trudeau at the helm, there will be less focus on individual responsibility and the free market and more attention on how government is the solution to revitalizing the economy. Keynesians are expert at raising expectations and many and varied groups will come knocking at Trudeau’s door. Continue Reading »


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